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For many decades, natural resource industries would work their land, sell their minerals, and abandon their sites for somebody else to deal with.  There are tens of thousands of such sites aro
abandoned mine lands, coal subsidies, hard rock mining, nuclear decommissioning, Peabody Energy
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Another roundup of interesting tidbits from the world of government subsidies.
externalities, foreign ownership of nuclear reactors, fossil fuel subsidies, French nuclear program, Global Subsidies Initiative, IMF, Nordic Council of Ministers, NRC, nuclear subsidies, uranium prices
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It's been almost two years since Earth Track and Oil Change International released a detailed review of oil and gas subsidies to Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).  The
corporate structure, fossil fuel subsidies, master limited partnership, MLP, REIT, renewable energy subsidies, tax subsidies, YieldCo
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Two straightforward concepts drive the inevitable marketplace defeat of nuclear power in most power markets:  incremental innovation and lot size.  People are quite clever in making many
battery storage, competitiveness, lot size, nuclear subsidies, power storage, Tesla
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1)  Reuters attributes sunk costs of German nuclear capacity to renewables.  Michael Marriotte of NIRS flagged this one.  In a recent
Exelon, Matt Wald, MOX, NEI, nuclear subsidies, Savannah River

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