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Written by dkoplowPosted: Mar. 31, 2016

Good times ahead: accelerating climate change and dirty bombs

Nuclear security summit 2016 Two important, though not particularly cheerful, goings-on to mention.  The first is a new paper that suggests climate change is likely to occur much more quickly, and to be more severe, than previously predicted.  This finding underscores a central limitation of so many efforts to analyze highly… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Mar. 11, 2016

Fukushima and nuclear power, five years on

Fukushima power plant after explosions, March 2011 It was pure coincidence that the release event for my detailed review of US subsidies to nuclear power -- a document a couple of years in the making -- was on March 11, 2011, the day of the Fukushima accident.  I was in DC for the launch, traveling in a cab to the event with David Lochbaum of the… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Feb. 19, 2016

No really, shouldn't you subsidize fossil fuel development sometimes?

Natural gas extraction My many years of criticizing fossil fuel subsidies aside, I still get asked fairly regularly whether there might just be some good times and good places where fossil fuel subsidies would make sense.  It is not useful to dismiss the question, as it often comes from serious and well-intentioned… Read More