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Written by dkoplowPosted: Dec. 06, 2017

Fossil love and other fun nuggets in the Senate tax reform bill

Species at risk from drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge When the drinks are flowing at the open bar, it's not a big surprise that patrons swarm for their free pints.  Tax bills are the same, with amendments aplenty as the hours ticked on towards the Senate passage of a massive tax reform package last week.  Hey, when you are spending somebody else's… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Nov. 30, 2017

Tax reform and the energy sector: looking for winners and losers

US Internal Revenue Service logo The optimal position for your industry in any tax reform is to see general tax rates drop while also keeping all of your old subsidies.  The political lobbying on these bills is enormous, and given the scale of the energy sector in the US economy, and the need to transition towards lower carbon… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Nov. 20, 2017

Tax Reform dumps risks on individuals but not on corporations

First 37 of 565 privately held corporations involving President Trump; most will see sharply reduced taxes under tax reform plans Republican-led plans to reform our tax system have now been introduced in the Senate and passed in the House.  This is trillion dollar legislation (the extra deficits alone are estimated at $1.5 trillion between 2018 and 2027), and a feeding frenzy for lobbyists trying to get new perks in the bill… Read More