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Written by dkoplowPosted: Aug. 05, 2016

The Trouble with Q: Why the US should not be subsidizing carbon capture and sequestration

Desmond Llewelyn, Bond's Q The mysterious Q Division in the James Bond movie franchise was always on hand with inane, though coldly effective, inventions that would save Bond and defeat even the most diabolical enemy.  In the magic of the movies, a bit of public money directed towards the R&D staff of the British Secret… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Aug. 04, 2016

Taking the Paris commitments seriously: implications for federal coal leasing

Black Thunder Coal Mine aerial view It turns out that if the US takes its commitments under the Paris climate agreement seriously -- the ones where we pledge to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees centigrade so as not to fry the planet -- there is too much coal.  Standard markets rationalize capacity based on price signals… Read More
Written by dkoplowPosted: Jul. 15, 2016

Michael Mariotte: some thoughts

In years past, when my project work would divert me from posting about energy subsidies on the Earth Track blog, I'd get an incoming email from Michael Mariotte at NIRS.  This wasn't an intrusive inquiry.  Rather, he'd merely be checking in to be sure everything was okay, saying he'd noticed I hadn… Read More