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Subsidies to Energy Industries

General introduction to the measurement and concepts associated with government subsidization of energy industries. Includes a review of a generic fuel cycle which identifies the most common types of subsidies at each stage and which energy types they tend to support within a global context. Also provides an overview of the challenges of successfully implementing subsidy reform.  Much more on the Encyclopedia of Energy is available from the publisher.

Federal Subsidies to Energy in 2003 - A First Look

Program line review of federal fiscal subsidies to energy for fiscal year 2003, to support the work of the National Commission on Energy Policy.  Aggregate subsidies were worth between $37 and $64 billion to the energy sector.  Analysis includes main tax expenditure and programmatic subsidies.  Time frame of analysis was insufficient to include credit subsidies to energy (via export banks, Rural Utility Service, and Power Marketing Administrations; recently-passed legislation containing energy tax breaks; or energy-related externalities.  Thus, real value of federal support would be even hi

Improving the Effectiveness of Tsunami Relief Efforts: A Concept Paper

This paper proposes two changes that I believe will make Tsunami relief efforts more effective. The first moves the detailed logistics system of the UN relief coordinator into the public domain. The objective of this change is to establish increased ability for outside groups to provide technology and data; to ensure more rapid access to updated information for all working in the region; and for increasing donor confidence in how the relief effort is being run.

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